Be Inspired – February 2024

I had my double mastectomy surgery for a breast cancer diagnosis two weeks ago. Due to doctor’s orders, I haven’t been able to use my arms for anything but drinking, eating and brushing my teeth. I can’t push or pull with my arms and no one can help by pulling me up by my hands or arms.

Which means everything else has to be done with my legs!

Each time I’ve had to get on and off the couch or bed, balance on one leg while my husband dresses me or get in and out of the bath, I’ve thanked myself for all the movement and consistent exercise I’ve done over the past years.

It’s those habits that have allowed me to now be able to function and go into this next health journey.

The next time you want to skip a workout or you get discouraged about the number on the scale, remember this:

The movement you do TODAY matters for your future self.

This is what I talk about in this month’s members only podcast. You can find it here. Listen in as I share lessons I’ve learned over the past two weeks and why it’s important to think of your future YOU to help stay motivated with movement.

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