Crystal Hadnott

Crystal is a Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Functional Wellness Coach, Health Educator, speaker, author and advocate leading thousands of clients, students and followers from around the world in a holistic revolution to fuel their potential in moving to new levels of wellness: Nourish. Nurture. Sustain.

Her wellness philosophy is one that looks at the total person: “Nourishment goes beyond your plate.” When she is working with clients, she focuses on the full spectrum–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellness of the individual. She believes that since people are multi-dimensional, health has be addressed with a multi-faceted approach.

After creating a transformative brand, to further her mission through community engagement, advocacy and diplomacy, she wanted to do her part by expanding Synergy through her charities initiatives to provide change, “GROWING UP GROWING.” With an understanding that limited access to nutritious food and proper nutrition education is systematic, structural and institutional racism. Growing Up Growing not only provides community gardens for youth within their neighborhoods but also offers educational workshops giving social instructions and interactions around the food that they are growing–potentially leading to economic development and sustainability within that community.

Crystal is available for nutrition consulting, wellness counseling, health coaching, conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops and retreats. Learn more about Crystal and her services here.


Jill Hinson

Jill Hinson NCPT, is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor. Jill is the Founder and Executive Director of Core Compassion Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit offering post-rehab Pilates scholarships to women and men battling breast cancer. Jill founded the nonprofit when her very first client received a diagnosis of breast cancer. In search for how to help this client and multiple others fighting, she spent seven years studying and creating a fitness program that would become The Jill Hinson Method for Breast Cancer.

Jill has created a teacher training program, as well as a home-based program for breast cancer fighters that can be introduced inside the studio. Core Compassion Project has served over 75 women in the Charlotte, NC area, each receiving ten private Pilates sessions with a qualified Pilates teacher. Core Compassion Project is excited to expand in 2020!

The love and compassion behind nonprofit work has encouraged Jill to share what she has learned in birthing and growing a sustainable nonprofit with other nonprofit startups, civic organizations, teachers, and events. Jill has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine and seen in SHAPE Magazine for TRX®. Learn more about Jill and Core Compassion Project here.


Lauren George

With more than 12 years in the fitness industry, Lauren has created multiple fitness formats and educational workshops, run group fitness programs at large health clubs and university campus recreation centers, and trained thousands of new instructors.

Lauren was named the EMPOWER! Fitness Conference Education Partner of the Year in 2018. She is the Creator of The Musicality Method, Co-Creator of the Enhanced Barre Above Program, a Master Trainer for Balletone, a Power Pilates and Balanced Body trained Pilates teacher, owns a fitness studio, Clemson Fitness Company, in Clemson, SC, and consults on numerous fitness projects for other companies! Learn more about Lauren here.



Rebekah Rotstein

Rebekah Rotstein is a leading voice for movement and bone health education. She is the creator of the medically-endorsed Buff Bones® system, with hundreds of trained instructors around the world. She partnered with Hartford Hospital’s Bone and Joint Institute to conduct a pilot study with Buff Bones for underserved populations and helped spearhead their in-house bone-safe classes for the community.

A former ballet dancer, Rebekah attended Smith College, where she worked in the Sports Medicine department rehabilitating the student athletes. She then trained in Pilates at the Kane School in New York City where she later joined the teacher training faculty.

Her own diagnosis of osteoporosis at age 28 led her to advocate for others with low bone mass and to provide innovative education and programming for them. In 2008 she wrote an evidence-based continuing education paper on osteoporosis and exercise for Hatherleigh Medical Education to offer to exercise professionals.

Rebekah has been a frequent presenter at conferences in the Pilates industry and the osteoporosis community, and was one of the first visiting instructors at Pilates Anytime. She is a long-standing ambassador for American Bone Health and worked as a partner of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Learn more about Rebekah here.



Jason Williams

Jason has been in the health and fitness industry since 2002. As a former colligate track athlete he saw the importance of working hard with proper alignment. With proper alignment and corrective exercise you can prevent injury and improve performance.

He has taught a multitude of classes such as bootcamp style and spin, but his main interest is Pilates and Barre. As a personal trainer he brings his knowledge of the human body to all his classes.

Jason has recently become a meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner. As a Wellbeing Coach, he teaches clients about not only fitness and nutrition, but the whole mind body connection.

As an author he has written two children’s health and fitness books, “The Adventures of Frankie Fitness” , “The Adventures of Frankie Fitness, Introducing Ginger” and newest book “The Adventures of Frankie Fitness, A Family That Meditates”. Learn more about Jason here.



Ali Damron

Learn more about Ali here.