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May is hormone health month in UNLIMITED!

Your monthly workout calendar includes workouts that are specifically helpful during perimenopause and various seasons of life when our hormones change. These includes routines focused on balance, strength, mobility and stress relief.

Our recipe for the month is a hormone healthy breakfast or lunch, and we are bringing a hormone expert straight to you for our monthly coffee chat! Mark your calendar for May 8th at 9:30am pacific time and have all your hormone questions ready.

Here’s to a great month!


Member Spotlight

Kim C.

“I’ve been flat water kayaking for years, but this summer is the very first that I can keep up with my very fit husband as far as time and distance with the paddle. I 100% contribute that to consistent use of hand weights the last year. Thanks to Jessica for all her wonderful teachings on how to get stronger in order to stay active as we age. Four months until I turn 50 and I truly feel fantastic!”

Members Only Podcast

  • Every month I bring members a new podcast recording! I’ll share our inspirational theme of the month, as well as personal stories I’m experiencing at the time. This is the place we also bring in experts and offer extra information about things going on in UNLIMITED!