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I’m so excited to start a new year with you here in UNLIMITED!

I’m thrilled to bring you our three week New Year Challenge starting Monday, January 9th. Our theme is Celebration and we will be working to celebrate everything you and your body can do! You can find all the details in the menu above and in our monthly podcast recording.

Your new workouts include a Beginner Full Body Pilates Workout and Intermediate Full Body Pilates Workout, as well as a fun new “Half and Half” All Levels Tabata Style Workout!

Join us for our live monthly workout Wednesday, January 4th at 10:30am mountain time, as well as our new member Q&A session Monday, January 9th, at 10:30am mountain time. Links can be found on the monthly workout calendar.

Thanks for being here and I’m excited to celebrate this month with you!

Member Spotlight

Hellen Bonneville, working out with a little partner!

“I love the UNLIMITED website. It’s so user friendly and when I have limited time I can just do a 5 minutes workout and feel accomplished and my spirit is lifted!”

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