Be Inspired – August 2021

Change isn’t always easy.

It feels good to live a predictable life with predictable outcomes. There is something comforting in knowing that things will stay the same.

The problem is life doesn’t usually cooperate.

One of the only things we are guaranteed is that change will happen. In some way and in some form we are always experiencing or undergoing change.

The problems happen when we think of ourselves as victims to change versus embracing the role we have in deciding how we respond to change.

I’m in a period right now of rest. It’s been a very long time coming. I feel like my body has been in fight or flight for over two years now as we have dealt with moves, sudden deaths in our family, changes and then a pandemic that changed our world.

This month I decided I needed some space in my life and I worked hard to finish up some work projects, focus on rest, make some space in my schedule and simply hang with my family.

It’s been amazing and so desperately needed!

I can also say that these rest times aren’t the times we necessarily grow as people.

We NEED these times. We need to rest and recuperate and recover. We need peace and a chance to not make any changes for a bit.

But growth – real and true personal growth – happens during those hard and uncomfortable periods of change.

When we try something new. When we fall and get back up. When we push and stretch our muscles to see what we are capable of. When we take a chance at a new relationship or job. When we make ourselves vulnerable. When we take a risk.

Those times are the ones I can look back on and say they have truly made me into who I am today.

We can’t avoid change. All we can control is how we respond to it. If we are open to possibilities and confident in our own strengths and abilities change can bring amazing outcomes we never saw coming!

Embrace the times of rest and then also embrace the times of change. Then spread your wings and fly.

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