Be Inspired – July 2021

I want to make one thing clear before talking about doing hard things.

I don’t think we ALWAYS have to do the hard thing.

Sometimes it’s absolutely ok to take the easy road. Sometimes we need to rest and not take the most difficult path and that’s completely fine. Even needed in our hustle culture.

Today, though, we are talking about the times we need to step up and do the hard thing.

I am recovering right now from putting on our three day movement festival called Momentum Fest. Due to all the changes in the world, we had to pivot in 2020 and change our in person event to a virtual only offering. For the past year we have been wondering what 2021 would bring.

To be honest it has caused me a lot of lost sleep, anxiety and worry.

How do you plan for something in an absolutely unplannable and unknowable world?

Somewhere around January of this year I was going through yet another bout of uncertainty. Not knowing what to do for our event, whether anyone would want to come, whether we could be in person, etc.

My husband turned to me and said “would it be easier to just keep it all virtual and not try to plan anything in person?”

My answer? Yes. Yes it would.

It would have been so much easier to not think about any in person gathering. To just keep everything virtual for our event and maybe stay that way indefinitely.

But I just couldn’t do it.

Momentum Fest was developed and created to be an in person, community building experience. I found myself getting way too comfortable stuck in my basement behind a screen. I was afraid I would forget the importance of relationships and hard conversations.

So we forged ahead and did something really hard that had really amazing results.

In this case going the easy route wasn’t what would serve my heart and soul in the long run.

As I said, I don’t think hard is always the way to go. I don’t think we have to grind and make things difficult.

But there are times where rolling up our sleeves. stepping into the unknown and following our heart is just what is needed in a certain situation.

We can do hard things my friends. YOU can do hard things. Don’t ever doubt your ability to get down and dirty in the muck. Results aren’t guaranteed but there will always be something to learn from trying.

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