Be Inspired – October 2022

The mundane.

The messy.

The magical.


When we think of a journey, we tend to think of only the beginning and the end. The beginning represents excitement, maybe anxious butterflies, hope and the “newness” of it all. The ending represents achievement, accomplishment and a goal met.

Yet, for all the time we spend thinking of and planning for the beginning and end of any journey, most of our time is spent in the middle.

The middle is the work. The middle is the mundane. The middle includes the stumbles and the questions and the boring. The middle means putting one foot in front of the other, even when you don’t really want to.

The middle is where the results are truly determined.

I would venture to say it’s the middle – of a fitness journey, of life itself – that deserves our focus and attention.

In this month’s podcast I talk all about the importance of the middle, specifically as it relates to our fitness journeys. This is especially important as we move into the month AFTER our Pilates for YOU challenge.

This can be the time it feels harder and less exciting to move every day, but it’s the time that is the most important! This is where the work really matters and where it can make a difference.

Listen to the podcast here and join me for the magical middle.

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