Be Inspired – June 2023

While writing this post, I find myself entering the end of school season in our household. This means so many amazing things, including the beginning of summer, having my babies home with me, late nights playing in the backyard, long walks, travel, movie nights, pool time and more.

It also means my entire schedule gets thrown out the window, including my normal workouts.

In this month’s member podcast, I talk about how I’m approaching this season of a loss of normal routines, schedules and planned workouts. It’s completely normal to go through seasons of life that require us to change how we do things and adjust to outside forces! It’s important to give ourselves patience and grace during those times and to realize there is growth and joy to be found there as well.

You can find our members podcast here.

Remember, every season has a purpose and movement can always be accessible to us there, even if it looks a little different than normal.

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