Be Inspired – September 2017

It’s now.

It’s now been a year since I had major abdominal surgery.

It’s been a year since I heard I have scar tissue throughout my pelvis and abdomen. A year since I was told I wouldn’t get pregnant naturally and would have to deal with pain the rest of my life. A year since an unknown growth was found on my liver and I was sent to cancer specialists. A year since the doctor told me “I don’t know how you look so healthy after what I found inside of you.”

A year since my world felt like it was turned upside down.

I’m guessing you’ve had moments that like yourself.

A moment that seems to define you at the time. A moment that feels like it’s breaking you. A moment where time stands still.

I tell all of my physical therapy patients that they won’t know the true results of their surgeries until a year afterwards. That is when the dust has finally settled and our bodies have adjusted for and healed from the battles of surgery.

Your moment may not include surgery, but I think the process of healing and adapting is the same.

So what do I know now that a year has passed?

That time moves forward. That our bodies need love and kind words, even when it feels they betray us. That we can be stronger than we were before, even when it never feels that way in the darkest of moments.

That strength doesn’t always mean how much weight you can lift or how fast you can do your jump squats.

Sometimes it means how you get up when you’ve been knocked down. How you treat those around you when you simply want to escape into a corner.

Sometimes strength is simply taking more steps today than you did yesterday.

And I know without a doubt that miracles happen.

Love your bodies and let yourself be made strong. It will hurt sometimes and be oh so confusing. You will want the process to end and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I understand and I feel you in those moments.

Just remember, we grow when things are hard. Workouts, family issues, relationships, job changes, moves, unexpected news, surgeries…They aren’t a part of our plans at times, and yet these are the things that can define us.

Refinement by fire produces the most beautiful stones.

You WILL be happy. Let yourself be made strong in the process.

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