Hold & Stretch Routine

child's pose

This is a Hold & Stretch Routine is a great routine for stretching the entire body! The key is making yourself hold each pose for one full minute. Try to stay present in each stretch and breathe with deep inhales and deep exhales.

Cross Legged Forward Fold

Sit cross legged and fold forward over your legs. You will help release your hips and low back. Do each side.

Long Legged Forward Fold

Have your legs straight and together and fold forward. You can modify this by putting a foam roller under your knees or simply keeping them bent, or by sitting in a chair and bending forward.

Side Stretch

You can have one or both knees bent to modify this as needed.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Make sure your front knee stays over your ankle and doesn’t go forward. Think about sitting into the back hip while staying strong and lifted in your belly and low back.


Shift your hips back after the last position and stretch (hip flexor) to find a straight leg and hamstring stretch.

Figure 4 Stretch

Lay on your back and cross one ankle over the opposite knee. If this is enough stretch, stay here. For more, use your arms to pull your legs in towards you. Keep your tailbone down on the ground.

Child’s Pose Side Stretch

Go into a child’s pose with knees together or apart. Then walk both hands to the side.

Child’s Pose

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