You own your body.

Hear that again.

You OWN your body.

It can not be taken away from you. It can not be owned by anyone else. It can not be controlled by anyone other than you.

It’s time you believe that.

Yes it’s important to love your body. But you need to do more. You need to stand in your power and own what is yours and yours alone.

Your relationship with your body will change when you finally understand and embrace the fact that it is yours. How you move will feel different and look different. The words you use and the stories you tell yourself will be altered. 

You own your body.

Do not let anything – pain, social media, diagnoses, the scale, old hurts, false beliefs or others’ words – make you believe anything less.

Please take time this month to listen to the podcast recording I made for you. We talk all about your body being your PARTNER in this world. Your body being yours, wholly good, in your corner, on your side.

If you want to see progress, you have to find a way to believe this.

We can do it together.