Be Inspired – May 2022

You’ve heard me talk about the science behind lifting weights.

About how adding weights to your regular weekly movement routine can help with injury prevention, posture, balance, function, strength and even memory.

But there’s more, and it may be even more powerful.

When I personally finally got past my hesitancy and embarrassment around lifting weights, my belief in myself finally started to change.

Feeling confident lifting weights directly improved my confidence as a person. As a woman. As a human.

I felt more secure in my ability to be independent. I felt more confident in new fitness classes, at the gym and even walking down the aisle of an airplane (as you know ????).

I try hard to help you gain that feeling as well in all the workouts I teach, and I think they all have the ability to do that!

But there is something about starting to lift something heavy that magically opens the doors to possibilities of strength we didn’t know we had.

The key is to just start.

Believe in yourself and possibilities. Whatever your future goal is starts with a single step.

Make that step today.

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Be Inspired – May 2024

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