Be Inspired – May 2020

These past eight weeks I’ve felt like a punching bag.

I have just been doing my best to do the next right thing, take care of my kids and family, put food in our bodies, take care of my clients, be a responsible business owner, navigate homeschool and keep my head above water.

I think most of us have spent some time in this space recently. We have felt confused and anxious. We are living in a world we have never seen before. Even if we are at peace with things, we are in different routines than we were before this started.

For me there are days it has felt like a matter of survival and nothing more.

I’m just now feeling the first stirrings of a need to do a little more than survive.

I don’t know how long we’ll be in this new reality. I don’t know what things will look like today, tomorrow or next month.

I do know we all have something important to give. We are more than just survivors. We are here to thrive and give and receive and love and create.

Even in a new reality.


Rest your head as long as you need to. Hide under the covers and watch movies and stare at the wall.

Just remember this hasn’t changed who you are or what you have to give. It might look different in HOW you do it, but you are still you. Give us what you’ve got when you’re ready to stand and do it again ????.

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