Be Inspired – May 2018

None of us like being the “new” one.

Whether it be the new person on the block, at work, in a Pilates class, in the mom’s group, in a board meeting or meeting the in-laws, being new can take us out of our comfort zone. It can make us feel awkward and decrease our confidence.

It’s enough to make us not want to try anything new.

Sometimes it can feel easier to simply stay “safe” rather than do anything that requires us to learn something different.

While it may mean staying comfortable, it also means putting limitations on how far we can grow and expand.

Only when we are willing to be a beginner can we experience our real potential and find our true strength.

Yes that means being willing to look funny, feel awkward and be uncomfortable. For all of us perfectionists it means being willing to not get everything right.

It might mean falling down, getting bruised and feeling embarrassed.

It might also mean laughing more, finding your true strength and finally achieving that dream you’ve always had.

We all have to be beginners at some point.

Why not start now?

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