Be Inspired – July 2018

This is adapted from something I recently shared on social media. I was moved to write this after a client came to see me and said “I just feel fat today.” Those words are far too common and I believe they are worse for our health than fast food and soft drinks. We must learn to show ourselves grace and love if we are to truly reach our full potential and find joy. To hear me talk more on this topic, find my ten minute video on the subject here.


Your weight doesn’t matter to me.

How you look in a swimming suit doesn’t matter to me.

Neither does what size jeans you fit in, the number you see on the scale or if you ate an entire pint of ice cream on your own last night (there are nights I would happily grab a spoon and share it with you).

This is what I DO care about:

Do you love yourself?

Are you happy to the point it bubbles up and everyone around you can see the energy you put out?

Can you get up off the floor safely and on your own?

Can you lift your baby out of the crib, pull laundry out of the washer and carry groceries up the stairs without pain?

Are you friends or enemies with your body?

What words are on repeat in your mind when you talk to yourself?

Do you have enough energy to do the things you want to do during the day?

Do you feel empowered in body, mind, heart and spirit, or are there areas in which you feel defeated?

THIS is what I am actually working on when I see my clients. These are the things I want you to take away from UNLIMITED.

This is the real stuff, the juicy stuff, the life altering, change the world stuff. My “office” happens to be an exercise mat and my tools are Pilates equipment and props, but the work we are doing together is real and important.

It may seem that we are simply sharing workouts and recipes, but it’s so much more than that.

Every time you lay out your mat you are making an investment in YOU. You are making a declaration that you believe in yourself, that you are important and that you are worth it.

You can then take that inner and outer strength and apply it to all areas of your life. But it ultimately has nothing to do with the number on the scale.

It has to do with YOU.

And if you happen to have a goal of weight loss, I’ll happily support you as best I can. But please know that it is NOT my main goal for you.

Your weight does NOT define your value or your worth or your strength or your health or your roll in this world.

YOU decide that for yourself.

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