Be Inspired – April 2019

I used to carry the full responsibility for everyone’s happiness.

I felt it was my job to make sure people were smiling and feeling good about themselves.

I was a people pleaser and a “yes” sayer. I let myself become whoever that other person needed in order to keep them happy.

On the flip side of that, it was my fault if anyone was upset, angry or discouraged.

If a client walked in to their appointment annoyed I would rack my brain for the rest of the day wondering what I did to upset them.

If someone didn’t text me back for three days I assumed I must have broken some important friendship rule to deserve punishment.

This was not a very healthy way to live but I knew no other way.

It took years of life experience (and some therapy) to finally realize I may not be the cause of everyone’s life problems.

And that it might not always be my job to fix it.

It takes some introspection and some space to figure out what is yours to carry and what you can put down. You may need to carry something for a while because of the season of life you are in, knowing you can put it down sometime in the future. You may need to put something down that you’ve been carrying for years and you may not know how to do it.

That’s ok.

Take your time.

But eventually you need to put it down if you want to be able to serve the things that ARE yours to carry.

I’m still working on how to carry compassion and love and empathy and sit with others in their pain without losing myself in it.

I don’t always do a good job.

But I do know I can’t carry it all and I wasn’t made to.

None of us were.

We each can only carry our share.

If we do that then nothing will be left untended and we can all feel a little lighter.

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