April 2016 Recipe of the Month

It’s spring!

While my eating doesn’t change much with the seasons, I have found myself craving fewer soups and stews and more salads as the days have gotten longer and warmer.

While I love a hefty dose of veggies at lunch, I have a bad habit of skimping on the protein sometimes. Unless I have some chicken cooked from meal prep over the weekend or a hard boiled egg on hand, I can easily throw together a big salad that is heavy on the veggies but wimpy on the protein.

This Curried Chicken Salad is the best of both worlds! A full serving of veggies in the form of nutrient dense spinach, as well as protein from organic chicken.

curried chicken salad

The other thing I love about this salad is it can be prepped ahead and is easily transported to work or your kids’ soccer practice! Because, while I know we shouldn’t eat on the run, it’s just gonna happen sometimes.

Wilted salads are the worst, and this one stands the travel test.

Just put your greens in one container and your chicken mixture in another. When it comes time to eat, mix together and enjoy!

I love the surprise flavor of the curry in this chicken salad. There isn’t enough to overpower the flavors, but just enough to make it interesting and give it a pop. If you aren’t a curry lover, try a squeeze of lemon juice or dash of cumin instead.

If you are wanting an extra punch of nutrition, try throwing in some shredded carrots or tomatoes.

If you don’t like chicken or are vegetarian, use hard boiled eggs for a fun take on egg salad! That’s especially useful if you still have Easter eggs to use up :).

This salad is gluten free and something I use regularly in my anti-candida diet program.

curried chicken salad

It is delicious and fills me up, which is really all I can ask for in a quick and healthy lunch!